Bringing a new pet product to market can be a tricky task. NZRLF helps to remove the risk by ensuring your recipes deliver on the key attributes that pets, and pet parents, are looking for: Texture, Taste, Nutrition and Convenience.


We recognize that having a variety of textures is essential for achieving a clean bowl result. Through our ongoing product innovation, we take the lead in the New Zealand industry by developing textures and flavors that our furry friends will desire.
  • Chunks & gravy

  • Classic Pâté

  • Shred & GRAVY

  • Mince & gravy

Product Flavours

Our products are centered around innovation, as we constantly strive to discover new and functional flavours that will enhance the happiness and health of our furry friends. Our ideal ingredients come from our own backyard, such as venison, green-lipped mussel, manuka honey, kiwifruit, abalone, and more.


Our cans come in three different sizes: 80g(2.8oz), 180g(6.3oz), 380g(13.5oz) fills, in retail-ready tray and wrap shippers. We will collaborate with you to ensure that your product's export destination adheres to the appropriate labelling standards, while still preserving your brand identity.